"Day of" Coordination


You plan it – we execute it. And we’ll execute it well. Despite thorough planning for your wedding, there are bound to be some hiccups during the day, and that’s where we come in. We’ll pick up the flowers and coffee for you in the morning. We’ll make sure all the vendors have arrived and are setting up. We’ll make sure you’re running on schedule, and take care of any issues that may arise on the day – all so you can be stress free on your wedding day. Think of it this way: You organized the entire symphony for the concert, now you need a conductor. A symphony cannot go on without a conductor… Right?


-       Scheduling for your wedding day
-       Coordination with vendors, prior to and on your wedding day
-       Direction of rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception
-       Ensuring timeliness throughout the day
-    Access to a wedding emergency kit




Consultation services are perfect for you if you’ve started with the planning but would like further direction as to bringing your creation to life. We’ll recommend particular vendors for your specific ideas – ones that we believe will be suitable for you. Consultation runs for approximately 2 hours and will give you the opportunity to ask an experienced wedding planner any questions you may have after ideas have been presented to you. 


Full Planning


Tell us your wedding day, and we’ll essentially take care of the rest. We’ll come up with ideas, locations, colour schemes, and put it all together on inspiration boards for you. We’ll brainstorm décor ideas, wedding favours, centre pieces, and everything else that you wouldn’t have thought of. Give us the approval and we’ll do everything for you. Your job is to show up on your wedding day and just say “I do”.


Full planning also includes “Day of” Coordination.