Hiring a Wedding Planner: Yes or No?


Pick a date, book your church and venue, pick your vendors, find a dress, send out invitations, and boom. You’ve got yourself a wedding. Easy.

Let’s be real – in this day and age, soon-to-be brides are capable of doing anything, and they are most certainly capable of planning a wedding. So they skip out on the wedding planner in hopes of saving a couple bucks and thinking that the wedding planning will be fun – which it will. That’s why I do it as a job. But the purpose of a wedding planner isn’t in place because of your lack of capabilities or beautiful ideas. Here is a list of reasons why I would hire a wedding planner, even as a certified profession in this industry.

1. They are the logical, level-headed person between you and your soon-to-be spouse in this emotional process.

It’s easy to get caught up in the planning – how much should we spend on the flowers, who are we going to invite, where will we hold our reception… And more often than not, couples will jump the gun on a few of these things. That’s when a wedding planner will jump in and say, “No, that’s not reasonable for your budget.” Or “How about we go about it this way.” And instead of the stress or blame falling on each other, you’ve understood that a professional has given you their sound opinion and you won’t be able to blame your soon-to-be spouse for saying no to the budget on the flowers because your planner has given you their opinion. And more likely than not, a good wedding planner will give you better alternatives to your problem instead of creating more stress between you and your ~honey~.

2. It takes about 250 hours to plan a wedding – add in work, life at home, visits to the future in-laws, and everything in between. It gets overwhelming.

I cannot stress this one enough. So many times I have heard stressed out couples who have decided to skip out on the wedding planner say, “I just want to get this over with.” Why?! Why would you ever want to get your wedding day over with? Let the planner take care of all the logistics and ugly stuff so you actually look forward to the big day like you have been ever since you were little.

3. They take the stress and confusion out of the planning, while looping you in with the creative and fun aspects of the planning.

Think of this as you would for a supermodel. On the outside it looks glamorous, but what most of us forget is the 5am wake up calls for that sunrise shot, the intensive exercise and strict meal plan, and the uncomfortable heels. Yikes. Hiring a wedding planner is like taking all the stressful things (like arguing with the manager of your venue in order to get the price in your budget) and leaving all the fun things to you: Picking your colour palette, getting together with your bridal party, and celebrating all things wedding.

4. I love my family and friends and don’t plan on stressing them out with wedding plans.

Who’s going to move the décor from the church to the reception? Mom will do it. Who’s going to make sure all your vendors show up on time and know where to set up? Dad will do it. Who’s going to be your point of contact for the church/venue if anything comes up? My sister will do it. Who’s going run out and get tampons for that one bridesmaid because she forgot? Grandpa (???) will do it?

Let’s be real – if you love your family and friends, you will let them enjoy and celebrate the day with you. As a wedding planner, I’m capable of doing all the above (and more ;) ) but wouldn’t dare want to do that myself on my big day or even consider asking my close ones to do it for me.

5. They are your go-to for everything wedding related.

Answers to your questions, suggestions, hook-ups for getting the best deal, recommendations, knowledge and expertise, and a peace of mind. 

Bottom Line: If a wedding planner needs a wedding planner, you should consider one too.