27 Facts About Erin


For my first blog post, I thought it'd be fun to share 27 facts about me! A "get to know the wedding planner" sort of deal. Here they are:

  1. 27 Weddings comes from my favourite childhood movie, “27 Dresses”. Katherine Heigl, you go girl.

  2. I have an undergraduate degree in business from Western University. 

  3. I can play the piano upside down. You can check that out here.

  4. Coca-Cola over Pepsi any day.

  5. Hannah Montana is my spirit animal. You get the Best of Both Worlds.

  6. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it’d be chicken wings.

  7. My mom is one of 9 children, my dad is one of 8. I’m an only child, so I guess my parents really weren’t about that sibling life anymore.

  8. If I could do anything in the world, I would time travel. My first destination would be my parent’s wedding!

  9. I can solve a Rubik's cube and I ALWAYS start with the white side.

  10. I think tomatoes are really gross but I love all the byproducts of tomatoes. (Tomato soup, ketchup, tomato sauce)

  11. Things I think that should not exist: The Toyota Prius and Uggs.

  12. I went vegetarian for one week as a social experiment. Considering chicken wings are my favourite food, that didn’t go over so well.

  13. I’m in love with my crazy, beautiful life.

  14. I’m a minimalist! Decluttering and keeping everything simple has been fantastic.

  15. Things that I’m good at: Making Mac & Cheese and curling my hair.

  16. Things I’m not good at: Directions and eating my vegetables.

  17. My favourite bible verse is 1 John 4:18. “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

  18. I sometimes wish I was Taylor Swift so I could wear sparkly dresses and perform at concerts.

  19. My favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip, and no, it does not taste like toothpaste!

  20. Favourite album: Little Voice by Sara Bareilles.

  21. I’ve played soccer since I was 4 years old and my first goal was on my own team’s net.

  22. One of my favourite weekends was at Wayhome Music Festival. Camping, great music, and great friends!

  23. If I have children, I want twin boys.

  24. I love, love, LOVE to rollerblade!

  25. I sleep at 10pm, and I wake up at 5:30am. Mornings are beautiful when everything and everyone is still and quiet.

  26. I love it when people call me “Chan”.

  27. Favourite books (and I highly recommend these): When Breath Becomes Air, The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, Quiet, Mere Christianity